2011 Blues Hall of Fame Inductees

2011 Blues Hall of Fame Inductees

Legendary Performers and pieces that belong in the Blues Hall of Fame

The Blues Foundation will be honoring new inductees in a ceremony that will be held in Memphis on May 4th 2012. It’s an honor to be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, only those who have made a lasting impression through their literature or music have made it into the Hall of Fame.  This year there have been a total of ten deserving blues artist and two pieces of literature.

Classic of Blues Literature

The classic of Blues literature has two inductee pieces this year. Bessie, written by Chris Albertson was the biography of Bessie Smith and was put together with firsthand accounts of her life with the help of living relatives. The Living Blues Magazine was inducted for “the Voice of the Blue”, a collection of 12 interviews from blues legends that had been used for smaller pieces within the magazine. The “Voice of the Blues” used the full interviews, including the sections that had previously been edited out.

Classic of Blues Recording – Album

Two albums have been inducted under the Classic of Blues Recording – Album category. "Damn Right, I've Got the Blues" by Buddy Guy was produced in 1991 and had all of the energy and passion that made Buddy Guy an amazing blues Artist. The Robert Cray Band was also inducted for the album "Bad Influence", released in 1983. The album "Bad Influence" was said to bring blues music back into the spotlight at the time of its release.

Classic of Blues Recording - Single or Album Track

Magic Sam, Tampa Red and Pine Top Smith have all been inducted into the Blues hall of Fame. The single, "All Your Love" by magic Sam was one of his introductory singles and became the signature of his classic sound. The single "It Hurts Me Too" by Tampa Red was inducted for its impact of adding empathy into the blues music. Finally, "Pine Top's Boogie Woogie" by Pine Top Smith was inducted for its influence of combining blues and “boogie Woogie.”


There were three Individuals inducted this year; Doc Pomus, Horst Lippmann and Fritz Rau and Pervis Spann. Doc Pomus was a singer and songwriter, as a songwriter he wrote hits for numerous legendary musicians including Ray Charles. Horst Lippmann and Fritz Rau were music promoters, they gained the most fame and presence through their promotion of the American Folk Blues Festival tours. Pervis Doc gained fame as the "The Blues Man" of Chicago radio, he became a major influence in blues as a radio personality.


There are a total of 8 inductees in this year’s Blues Hall of Fame Performer category. The Inductees are Allen Toussaint,  Billy Boy Arnold, Buddy & Ella Johnson, Frank Stokes, Furry Lewis, Lazy Lester, Matt "Guitar" Murphy and Mike Bloomfield. All of these performers developed a presence in blues music and have single handedly shaped blues in their own way.