Celebrate New Years with the Who Dat Loungers

Celebrate New Years with the Who Dat Loungers

9 member band that combines blues, jazz, zydeco and rock

The Who Dat Loungers will be playing in New Orleans at the New Year’s Eve dance Hall at Bay Street. They will be bringing in the New Year Mardi Gras style. I personally can’t think of a better band to spend your final 2011 moments with.


This band has combined blues, jazz, zydeco and even Rock into their very own sound. They have an unbelievable 9 members that play together to make their music come to life. Anytime that they have played a show, they bring a fun high energy experience to the stage.

The only downfall that this band faces is their size. It doesn’t impact their music at all, in fact it adds to their already great sound. The problem is finding spots big enough to have 9 band members on stage at one time. Regardless of that difficulty, the Who Dat Loungers are still able to book gigs. I can only assume that it comes down to their great sound.

When a band comes together to give the kind of performance that this band commonly delivers, they get booked. They may not get booked at the local bar, however they will get booked somewhere nearby. Their fans sometimes need to be a little more creative in finding the next location of their gig. You can ask any fan and they’ll tell you the show is well worth the extra effort. If haven’t had the opportunity to see this band and you plan on being in the Big Easy then make sure you show up at the New Year’s Eve Dance Hall, you won’t regret it.