Mississippi Blues Marathon and Expo

Mississippi Blues Marathon and Expo

Race day event featured for blues lovers of all ages


This weekend is the annual race day that the soul of blues meets the heart of the athlete. This event coincides with the birth of Elvis Presley, January 8th and takes place each year during that weekend. People in all walks of life gather as bystanders and participants to the annual Mississippi Blues Marathon and Half Marathon. This race event is like one you’ve never seen, as runners struggle up and down their terrain they’re met with screaming supporters and sideline blues players.


This marathon brings in more than just the seasoned athlete, many participants are first time marathon and half marathon runners. In fact they even host a kids run. Some people come for the athletic event, others come for the history and all come for the music.

They have blues performers on the stage that can be heard throughout the race. They also have beginning bands playing along the race sidelines along with many sideline individuals just singing and having fun, which is what it’s all about.

As for the race itself, it starts out in the heart of the city and has runners take off heading up State Street, where they follow through several side bends and turns until they reach Jackson Street. Jackson Street brings them down to their final designated route that will bring them back onto to State Street and to the finish line.

This year’s races begin January 7th. Races begin at 6:50 am for anyone who is in anyway physically challenge with the actual race beginning at 7am. The kid’s race starts at 8am. The event will run all day so that people can get their fill on blues music.