True Blues Musician - Otis Rush

True Blues Musician - Otis Rush

His Unique Sound compiled with his Loyalty to Music makes him a Blues Musician that Should be remembered as One of the Greats

Otis Rush brought his Mississippi roots to the Chicago Blues Scene in 1948. He gained fame playing many night clubs on the west and south side of Chicago. Otis’s real fame came when between 1956 and 1958 when he began recording his classic hits I Can’t Quit you Baby, All your Love and Double Trouble.


Otis Rush is known for his unique guitar rhythm, which he creates by flipping his guitar upside down and pulling his strings downward to create his character sound. Between his special musical talents and his determination to only release songs worthy of being listened to he has managed to create blues music that you can feel deep down in your soul. He may not have had a celebrity styled career yet what he did have and still has is a career that’s center around the sound, the idealism and the soul of blues music.

In Otis Rush’s early career he released only singles. It wasn’t until 1969 that he created his first album titled Mourning in the Morning. During this same year he also contributed to his first compilation with Albert King titled Door to Door.

His discography tells the story of his life and every emotion he has had to bear through 12 single releases and 14 full albums. He has also been a contributing artist in the release of 8 compilation albums. In addition to his musical albums he has also released three DVD’s that allow everyone the chance to see him play live. Otis Rush, though he has age is still making his unique style of blues music that is certain to echo his characteristic sound long after he is gone.