The Versatility of Ray Charles

The Versatility of Ray Charles

The man who combined blues music across multiple genres


Inspired by some channel on my cable package I thought I would look at Ray Charles. One thing about Ray Charles is that not everyone sees him as a blues musician. This is in part due to the vastness of his musical career.

He intertwined blues, jazz, gospel, pop and rock n roll. He also flirted with country music and big band. Regardless of what kind of music he performed day by day he was definitely a versatile musician with blues roots that made each and every song his own.

Throughout his musical career Ray Charles released an unbelievable 62 albums plus an additional 126 singles. He toured relentlessly throughout the years and in his early career had to face many hardships while on tour. Towards the end of his musical career he had as many followers as he did in his prime, he in fact was even one of the chosen to take part in the We are the World song as part of the USA for Africa charity in 1985.

Ray Charles was a musician who had many firsts. He has been inducted into several music halls of fames including the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriters l Hall of Fame, Blues Hall of Fame, Country Hall of Fame and many more. He has received awards both in country and abroad. Additionally, many exhibits have been erected in his honor.

Ray Charles was music icon. He lived a colorful life that was made from extremes. He had many highs and numerous lows. The life that Ray Charles lived made way for his musical talents. Today, his material is still listened to. In fact they are still releasing the music of Ray Charles, his newest release is a DVD collection of his live concert in France. Ray Charles was a musical genius that lived a life filled with the heartbreak of the blues.