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The Blues Queen of New Orleans Dies

The lady who was known  as the blues queen of New Orleans, gospel and blues artist Marva  Wright died today. She was  62 . She died of complications from a stroke she suffered in June of last year. (The Associated Press)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010, this is a sad day, a very sad day. It is the day that Marva Wright died in New Orleans.

 She sang the blues. Her blues weren't sad. Whoever said they are? I am sad. So many of us are sad.  Sad, like in a very sad day, like today became, when I  -- when so many of us  -- heard the news of the passing of this great blues singer, knowing that we shall never hear her perform live again. Sad is New Orleans and all who live there, and have been there, and have seen her sing, or have heard her on the radio, knowing  that she walked the same streets as us. This is truly sad. But her blues? Her blues weren't sad. The words of her songs  may have been made from the sad thoughts of people burden by heart ache,  and from the sweat of people whom came up too many times for a loss, but her blues aren't sad, because when we listen to a good blues singer like her, we don't get sad, we get glad that we are  able to hear a bit of Heaven.

 .RIP Marva Wright.